”Russian Pereplyas”Pavlovo posad platki, 100% of wool, size 89 by 89 cm.


Flowers of Russia on your shoulders!        

In the museum of handkerchiefs you can see all the variety of Pavlo-Posad kerchiefs, from ancient classic hand-printed patterns of the nineteenth century, avant-garde propaganda shawls of the thirties of the last century, to modern shawls and shawls currently produced.

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By Artist: Nadezhda  Krasnonosova  ,                                                                                   Design 1684-2 , Dimension: 35,6”*35,6” (89*89cm)

Russian Pavlovo – Posad shawls  Factory since 1795

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Dimensions 20.0 × 20.0 × 5.0 cm