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Lavender Herbal Tea has a positive effect on the nervous system, improves the process of falling asleep, as well as the quality of sleep. Lavender is a healing plant that has bactericidal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties and is widely used for colds, burns, and fungal infections.

Lavender infusion can be used to wash hair to get rid of dandruff. Baths with Lavender infusion help with insomnia in children and adults.

Taking tea with Lavender normalizes intestinal microflora, stimulates motility and eliminates intestinal colic, and also has antispasmodic and choleretic properties. Lavender reduces fat deposits, normalizes the level of glucose and cholesterol in the blood.

Lavender infusion protects against nervous excitement, headache and PMS, as well as open urinary systems.


  • contributes to the normalization of the work of the nervous system;
  • improves sleep quality;
  • can be used both externally and internally;
  • normalizes bowel function;
  • tea has a pleasant taste and flavor

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