Organic Essential oils, set of 3pc*10mg of Orange, Cinnamon, Melissa. Country of origin: Russia.*


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Essential oil set
Ingredients: Essential oils of orange, cinnamon, melissa.
Ancient healers knew that a bath or a bath using aromatic oils is the most effective way to improve the body. Combined with the effects of heat, essential oils have an even stronger effect. Plus, when you inhale the healing aromas, the effectiveness of healing and cosmetic care is greatly enhanced.
Orange. It gives the skin elasticity, helps to reduce wrinkles, and has a whitening effect. An effective anti-cellulite product. It activates the processes of elimination of toxins from the body, promotes weight loss. Smoothes and tones the skin.
Cinnamon. Relaxes creates an atmosphere of peace and quiet. For men: stimulates blood circulation in the pelvic organs. For women: normalizes the regularity of the physiological cycle.
Erotic stimulant eliminates the problems of the urogenital sphere of men and women. Relieves depressive conditions. Helps to get rid of feelings of loneliness and fear.
Melissa. Effective for nervous and emotional disorders and melancholy. Has a beneficial effect on insomnia, restless sleep, depression. The scent of lemon balm relieves stress, rage, sadness. It is used for metabolic disorders and as a tonic in case of loss of strength.
Mode of application:
In the bath: Mix one drop of each oil, add to the bath with one tablespoon of sea salt or table salt.
In the bath: Mix 5 drops of each oil, dilute in 200 ml / l of water. Sprinkle the floor and walls.
Aroma lamp: Mix three drops of each oil. Apply for 15-20 minutes.



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