“Olympic bear” Russian Tea Glass Holder (Podstakannik).


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Tea Glass Holder .The original Russian Tea Glass Holder, also called the podstakannik, (podstakannik translates literally into “under the glass”) was made in Kolchugino, the famous Russian metal art manufacturer. It is made of nickel-plated stainless steel and has Kolchugino manufacturer stamp on the bottom.Glass  Holder – functional product, would make an extraordinary aesthetics in the process of tea. Perfect gift almost anyone. Holder, as the samovar became a distinctive part Russian tea. Ifa samovar – a symbol of home drinking tea , the cup holder is likely to be associated with travel.

Item: GH9M
Made in: Russia
Made by Kalchugino Metal Works
Material Brass, Nickel-Plated
Height 4” (10 cm)
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Drinking glass is not included