Fairy tales set “Amazing stories” 10 books.


For adults to read to children.

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1)Fairy tale “Bell” (Brothers Grimm) 12 pp.2) Fairy tale “The White Snake” (Brothers Grimm) 12 pp.3) Fairy tale “The Golden Goose” (Brothers Grimm) 12 pp.4) Fairy tale “Little torment” (W. Gauf) 36 pp. 5)Fairy tale “Golden Bird” (Brothers Grimm) 24 pp.6) Fairy tale “The Extraordinary Musician” (Brothers Grimm) 12 pp. 7)Fairy tale “Bluebeard” (Ch. Perrault) 12 pp. 8)Fairy tale “Beat, do not be sorry, my wand” 12 pp.9) Fairy tale “The Giant and the Tailor” (Brothers Grimm) 8 pp. 10)Fairy tales “Moth. Five from one pod” (H.K. Andersen) 16 pp.                                                                                                                                       A set of 10 books “Amazing Stories” will open up a world of interesting fairy tales for the child. Princesses and sorceresses, kings and queens, giants and unusual animals live in them. The child will be happy to get acquainted with them, opening the pages of the works of the greatest masters of fairy tales – the Brothers Grimm, Wilhelm Hauff, Charles Perrault and H. K. Andersen. While reading books, including fairy tales, the child learns to think and develops imagination. The bright illustrations accompanying each book will help to get even more involved in the reading process. The text of the tale is printed with a slight reduction. 

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