Medical massager “Tibetan magnetic applicator” on a soft pad, neck roll +Book – the encyclopedia of needle massage,yellow


This needle massager is effective in the following cases: To relieve pain in pain in the cervical spine. To relieve headaches.
For relaxation. For insomnia, for vegetative-vascular dystonia. To reduce weather dependence. For the relief of premenstrual syndrome.
For the relief of climacteric syndrome

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Medical massager “Tibetan magnetic applicator” on a soft pad, neck roll, yellow.
The shape of the roller, its elasticity, as well as the sharpness of the needles, are carefully selected to ensure the optimal strength and uniform pressure of the needles on the skin. As a result, the needle massage of the neck becomes especially effective and comfortable.
Soft semicircular roller
The yellow piercing elements have sharper needles. Special magnetic inserts enhance the healing effect due to the additional effect of a constant magnetic field. The needles are double-pointed in accordance with the ancient Chinese “Plum Blossom” needle massage method. The double point prevents the needles from penetrating deeply into the skin, making the treatment procedure more comfortable and effective.
The piercing elements are made of high-quality polymer material and are firmly fixed to the fabric using thermal soldering.

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