5dolls, 4”(10cm) Matryoshka, Nesting Doll, Babushka “Katerina”, red sarafan….


Matryoshka symbolizes fertility, abundance and infinity of life. Hand made and Hand-Painted. Material: Gouache, Lacquer, Wood. 

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Matryoshka is a traditional Russian souvenir that has become popular among Russians and foreign guests. This wooden toy “with a secret” is known even in the countries most remote from Russia. In the form and painting of the doll, folk ideas about peace, goodness and beauty were reflected. Matryoshka combines such values as motherhood, family, unity and warmth. A wooden painted pear-shaped doll, detachable in the middle, into which smaller dolls are inserted one after the other.

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Dimensions 20.0 × 15.0 × 10.0 cm