Kizlyar Supreme Knife “East-2”, handle wood, steel 65х13 ( Кизляр). size: 7 cm × 4 cm × 30.5 cm.


Knives of the famous Kizlyar plant are used for hunters, collectors, lovers of tourism

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Knife from the manufacturer at low prices. The popularity of Kizlyar blades is expanding far beyond the borders of native Dagestan. Made in the best traditions of reliability, knives possess all the elements of their Western counterparts, in many ways surpassing the latter.

A knife is a tool that accompanies us in everyday life, hobbies and in a number of professions, but its main qualities always converge. It must be reliable, convenient and durable to use. Among the positions of our assortment you will find types of knives for various purposes:
The plant gives a lifetime warranty on the product subject to the rules of use and care.
 The pride of the plant is the quality of the blade products, which is achieved thanks to first-class materials.
The factory masters select the alloy of the blade and the texture of the handle, based on the purpose of the product. Thanks to this, the “Kizlyar” knife does not deteriorate when used correctly and is convenient to use.
All products are certified.

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