Emerald Green Vintage Hand cut crystal vase 28cm( 10.3 inches). brand: “Gus Crystal” Since 1756, Russia


Crystal vases will always emphasize the special solemnity of the atmosphere and the delicate taste of the owners.


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Crystal flower vases that we offer to our customers are products of the highest quality, made of crystal, which, like a precious stone, is able to effectively decompose the beam into the colors of the spectrum.

More than 260 years of its existence, the plant has evolved from a small private enterprise into one of the largest enterprises of the city of Gus-Khrustalny. The plant of crystal today produces more than 2000 items. The products of the enterprise always differed in a wide range, and over time it acquired a unique character of uniqueness, thanks to the high artistic performance of the crystal products. Gus-Crystal is known in Russia and abroad as a center of traditional Russian industrial glassmaking, it produces products from overhead, colorless, and also colored crystal. Goose-crystal has cherished more than one generation of professional masters.

Size: +- 5cm.  Height  10.3Inch( 28cm),                                                                                        Width at the top of the vase 6,10 Inch (15.5cm):                                                          Width at the bottom of the vase  3,5 Inch(9cm)

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Dimensions 40.0 × 40.0 × 20.0 cm