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Price for Each Pair. Goat wool socks make easy pleasant warming foot massage to help with insomnia sizes are possible 7-10

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Woolen socks are knitted warm clothes, a couple of which are sure to be found in every family. In the cold season and in the off-season, warming socks give the feet a feeling of comfortable warmth and protect against colds. In its production of socks, we use natural wool of goats – angora. From the soft and silky angora, warm footprints, socks and socks for children and adults are obtained, which are highly valued by buyers for their quality characteristics.

Natural wool carefully and gently transfers to the products from it all its best qualities. The warming effect of natural wool of goats has a complex and health-improving effect on the body, prevents colds. Wool maintains the optimum temperature, and the feet in woolen socks do not sweat. Dry heat also stimulates blood circulation and reduces foot fatigue. Goat wool does not cause allergies and is suitable even for the most sensitive skin. It turns out that buying socks from natural wool, you get an inexpensive, but very important thing for yourself and your loved ones.

Woolen products presented in our electronic catalog are distinguished by a wide variety of sizes and colors. We can buy shoes, socks and socks from high-quality natural angora for children and adults.

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