Car Seat with Camel Wool Insert


Composition: pure-wool cloth (Camel wool – 70%, Sheep wool -30%), fabric 100% cotton, polypropylene tape.
Size: Universal, adjustable by elastic bands and Velcro.

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Car Seat is Curative and preventive properties: perfectly protects the back from cold; creates the massage effect of acupuncture points; provides treatment and prevention of diseases of the back, such as
• hernia of intervertebral discs,
• Lumbulgia, ischialgia,
• osteocondritis of the spine,
• sciatica,
• pinched nerve.

Therapeutic effect: Camel’s wool has many features that distinguish it from other types of wool and give it really unique healing properties. It is more than twice lighter than sheep and, in addition, much stronger. The hair of camel hair is hollow, which provides it with additional heat-insulating properties and lightness. Due to a certain habitat, biologically active substances (BAS) accumulate in the camel’s wool, which have a beneficial effect on human health.

Do not lose healing properties for 15 years!

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