Pipe for coal samovar, material Brass. Sold only with a 7 liter Brass coal samovar.


Nothing could be more wonderful than a cup of fragrant tea with a warm company for sincere conversations.
What a Holiday Without Samovar!

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Sold only with a 7 liter Brass coal samovar.

The pipe will make an excellent company brass color fire samovar. The wooden handle does not heat up, making it convenient to use the chimney, and its relief serves as an excellent design addition. A pipe for a samovar is not just a decorative element. It serves to provide good traction, which is necessary to maintain the fire in the brazier. Before installing the pipe, it is necessary to light a flame. This requires some skill. Good fuel for the samovar is considered birch torches, wood chips, and coal. For aroma, in the end, they throw a couple of fir cones. Only after that put a chimney on the outlet pipe.

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