Elastic warming bandage compression made of 100% camel wool, size: 2m*10cm


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Size: 80” * 4”(2m*10 cm)

 Tape manufactured by the classical elastic bandage compression technology.

Instead of cotton thread is used 100% camel yarn. Used in sports medicine for the prevention of sprains, injuries, edema, arthritis, arthrosis of the joints, in the postoperative period, has a subjective and warming massage action in the application (joints). It is essential for fishermen, hunters, hikers, persons whose activity is related to increased stress on the joints. Using camel several times the efficiency of elastic tape in the prevention of various ailments and muscle tissues of the   musculoskeletal system . 3 distinctive characteristics in addition to all the known properties using elastic bandages: 1. Warming effect, 2. Massage effect, 3. Soft compression concentration steps.

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Made of 100% camel  wool. Very comfortable, soft, well-warmed, light.
Mattress Pad, Therapeutic, wool, camel, legs, very effect, Back support belt , all sizes, Elbow Support, Support belt,  Belt Support

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