Famous ”Agashka” Dulevo brand name, porcelain Teapot 750ml


Kuznetsov merchant, the founder of the plant (since 1832) had the name of the Chief Supplier of his Imperial Court)

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One of the most famous  Dulevsky plant – “Agashka.” The figure was invented in 1936 by a local legend – a long-time plant manager and a talented designer, Petr Vasilievich Leonov. He ideally fell into the style of the 1930s, and speech in this case can be conducted not only about the Soviet, but also about the world artistic context. In 1937, this drawing received a gold medal at the Paris World Exhibition. “Beauty in blue” is still produced.
Manufacturer:  Dulevsky Porcelain Factory
Product type: Hand Made  and Hand-painted Teapot  Drawing with 24 karat gold.

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