Dulevo porcelain Tea pot 4.5L ”Flower Ball”,hand-painted. Art:C386


Tea drinking in the Russian tradition, as in the history of other countries of Europe and Asia, has a special ritual meaning. 

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  There are many beliefs, customs and legends connected with it, the themes of tea drinking are devoted to the subjects of painting, old songs and other works of art. To drink a fragrant hot tea, at the table gathered families, inviting relatives, friends and neighbors. From such feasts the real holidays with sincere conversations, jokes and  fun.

Hand made Dulevo  Porcelain Teapot 4.5 L “Flower Ball”
Manufacturer:  Dulevsky Porcelain Factory
Product type: Hand Made  and Hand-painted Teapot  
Drawing with 24 karat gold.

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Dimensions 35.0 × 35.0 × 35.0 cm