Crystal Tea glass Pinwheel for Glass Holder Podstakannik. brand Kolchugino. Volume: 250 gr.


Luxurious, mesmerizing looks of the product from “His Majesty”

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These glasses are perfectly suited to the “Kolchugin” cup holders (sitting in them as “poured”), which are presented on our website. If you have a cup holder of different shapes and sizes, it is better to practically measure how you will “sit” glass in your cup holder before purchasing.

Please note: glasses are not heat-resistant, but you can pour hot boiling water into them by first placing a spoon in a glass and slowly pouring boiling water directly over a spoon into a spoon. In this case, the spoon manages to heat up and take away excess heat from the water and the glasses will not suffer.

Height: 11 cm. Neck diameter: 6.8 cm
Bottom diameter: 6.4 cm. Volume: 250 gr.
Manufacturer: brand NEMAN (Crystal)
Material: Crystal (GOST 30407-96 24% PbO)

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Dimensions 15.0 × 15.0 × 15.0 cm