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Corset Vertebrate of camel hair combines three main therapeutic functions:

1. Corset function: Reliably protects the lumbar spine. It is intended for treatment and prevention of lumbosacral radiculitis, neuritis, osteochondrosis, spinal hernia, lumbargia and sciatica.

2. Posture Correction function: Due to the fixing properties and “stiffeners” used in the design, it is used for the prevention and treatment of stooping, posture disorders (kyphosis, scoliosis) in people leading a sedentary lifestyle – in the car, at the computer, etc. Relieves the general fatigue, excessive tension of the muscles of the back and neck. It forms a correct posture, women emphasize the dignity of the figure, make men slim and athletic.

3. Heat-saving and warming function: The corset reliably and gently warms your back during the cold and drafts, and camel wool additionally provides you with unique healing properties for solving a variety of problem situations with back pain.

Camel wool has many features that distinguish it from other types of wool and give it truly unique healing properties. It is more than twice lighter than sheep and, in addition, much stronger. The hair of camel hair is hollow, which provides it with additional heat-insulating properties and lightness. Because of a certain habitat in the wool of camels, biologically active substances (BAS) accumulate, which have a beneficial effect on human health. Corset Wool (Poster of the vertebral) creates thermal insulation, warming the sick organs, and the protruding tips of hard nap irritate the skin and through the nerve endings associated with the internal organs, help penetrate the biologically active substances (BAS) into the human body. Also camel wool is able to neutralize negative electrical charges, which helps to relieve pain, nervous tension, normalizes the tone of the whole organism. Its use increases the therapeutic effect of any method of treatment. With the help of camel hair, you can successfully cope with such serious diseases as urolithiasis, kidney failure, sexual weakness in men, female inflammatory processes, vertebral hernia, pinching of the nerve, etc.

The design allows you to carry the product on your naked body and over the underwear. The vertebrate corset is made of natural components without the use of synthetics. It has no contraindications, does not cause allergy and irritation. Very convenient to use. It is necessary for work in conditions of cold, humidity and drafts. It is recommended that people actively engaged in sports and those whose work is associated with increased stress on the back and waist – on fishing, hunting, dacha, in hikes, as well as when working in conditions of low mobility.

Our regular customers, fishermen with experience, have long appreciated this magnificent product – at the annual exhibition that takes place in Moscow at VDNKh – “Hunting and Fishing in Russia” .

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