3-in-1 hoodie with bib collar. Camel wool,color Brown. Шапка-капюшон с воротником-манишка 3 в 1.


The use of products made from natural materials is the best prevention of inflammatory processes in the body.

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Camel wool has many features that give it truly unique beneficial properties:    Camel hair is hollow, which provides it with additional heat-insulating properties and lightness;
Due to a certain habitat, biologically active substances (BAS) accumulate in the wool of camels, which have a beneficial effect on human health;
Also, wool is able to neutralize negative electrical charges, which helps to relieve aches, nervous tension, and normalizes the tone of the whole body.
Camel wool gives the product warming properties, creates a feeling of warmth and comfort. Natural (wool) fibers allow the body to breathe, absorb excess moisture and have an imperceptible micromassage effect. Dry heat, micromassage and other useful properties of natural wool provide a strong healing effect. Lanolin inside camel hair is the best natural remedy for the prevention of sciatica and cardiovascular diseases.
Camel wool products are especially recommended to be worn by people suffering from rheumatism, sciatica, various inflammatory processes of internal organs, people of advanced age.

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