Capuchino fine porcelain cup, 210ml(7oz). Tall:2.7”. Wide:3,5″.made in Italy. Price for 1 cup.


Organic Porcelain, For Daily Use

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A porcelain coffee pair for cappuccino consists of a wide cup of medium volume and a saucer with high sides. A pair of cup and saucer has a stylish appearance and is suitable for serving a family breakfast or for a holiday feast. The set with a cup for coffee, coffee drinks and tea is made of thin porcelain, which is coated with a layer of glaze for durability. The glaze prevents the material from staining from strong drinks or absorbing their odors and tastes, which ensures easy washing of dishes both by hand and in the dishwasher. The white porcelain cup for cappuccino, espresso, latte and tea is highly resistant to temperature increases. Heat-resistant fine porcelain coffee steamer can be used to heat drinks and baked goods in the microwave.

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