Camping or for Home Polypropylene bags 100 * 150cm, load up to 60 – 100 kg


Polypropylene bags are distinguished by high mechanical strength, resistance to tearing, repeated bending and abrasion, and can hold a large volume. They can be reused, which is an added plus when using them.

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Where is the polypropylene bag used? As a container when carrying out seasonal harvesting of leaves in the backyard area. For waste disposal – for transportation of construction waste: sawdust, shavings, broken glass, brick fragments, wood and metal scraps. In everyday life – for packing and storing various unused things, including in unheated cold rooms: on a balcony, in a garage. In construction – due to their low weight, significant volume, high strength, polypropylene bags are ideal as packaging for building materials: lime, wood shavings, chalk, expanded clay, cement, gypsum, fine gravel and other bulk cargo. In agriculture – for packaging granulated feed, grain, mineral fertilizers. White polypropylene garbage bags are not afraid of moisture, do not rot or decompose. Thanks to the weaving of bags made of flat polypropylene yarn, the finished product allows air to pass through, providing the necessary conditions for storing products for a long time.

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