Camel wool leggings for Woman.


 Camel wool gently massage the skin, increasing its tone. Camel wool repels dust, which is very useful for asthma and for the prevention of upper respiratory tract diseases.

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Seamless, elastic women’s leggings made of camel hair. The warmest and most pleasant to the touch, comfortable at -30.
Women’s leggings (leggings) are made using camel wool using the method of especially strong weaving of wool and elastic threads. Camel hair is very beneficial for the health of your feet. Leggings can be used as an element of thermal underwear in cold and cool weather. They are comfortable to wear under clothes, as well as with a skirt.

Plus size leggings are ideal for curvy women. The specially durable weave of the threads allows them to be used for quite a long time.

Long wear
Soft, warm, durable, comfortable
Warming effect

Made in Mongolia.   Size: L-XXXXL


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Dimensions 20.0 × 18.0 × 10.0 cm