Camel wool Pantyhose Tights, size: L-XL (50-54Rus)


We bring warmth to every home!                                                                                            Camel Pantyhose Tights Comfortable Therapeutic effect Reduces joint pain Warms All Body.                                                                                                              Composition: Camel’s wool – 85%,  acrylic – 15%.                                                            For more information, please call the consultant in the store: (905)482-3382


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Pantyhose from camel hair – very comfortable, soft, warm and useful. This is the best camel wool tights for health! 

Therapeutic effect on the body:
Camel wool has many features that distinguish it from other types of wool and give it truly unique healing properties. It is more than twice lighter than sheep and, in addition, much stronger. The hair of camel hair is hollow, which provides it with additional heat-insulating properties and lightness. Due to a certain habitat, biologically active substances (BAS) accumulate in the camel’s wool, which have a beneficial effect on human health. Also camel hair is able to neutralize negative electrical charges, which normalizes the tone of the whole body, helps to relieve pain and nerve tension of the muscles. Its use increases the therapeutic effect of any method of treatment.

Pantyhose made of yarn with the addition of camel fuzz, which gives them softness and elasticity, creates a feeling of warmth and comfort when wearing. The use of lycra provides increased stretchability, wear resistance and tight fit.

Pantyhose is simply irreplaceable when working in cold, wet and draft conditions. Especially recommended to people of  suffering from rheumatism, radiculitis, arthritis, varicose veins, joint pain.

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