Queen. size:170*205cm(78.7*81.9′) Blanket Sheep Down with cotton cover Одеяло Стеганое из 100% Овечьего пуха


Natural, light, soft comforter of Camel wool
reduces arthritic pain

Size: 205 * 172cm( 82” * 68,8″)                                                                                                   The pattern of  the Blankets   can be changed

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Quilted quilts with sheep’s wool
A blanket made from natural sheep wool is an ideal tool for keeping natural heat during sleep. Woolen filler – warm, light and soft material. This blanket is very gentle and warm. Sheep’s wool always maintains a constant body temperature without overheating. At the same time, it absorbs moisture from excessive sweating with ideal ventilation. Wool retains a large mass of air inside a high layer of fibers. The blanket is light and thin, it is not hot under the heat, and in winter it is not cold. Under the blanket of sheep’s wool is especially warm and very comfortable!

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