Bingo,Lotto Russian “Painting” in a wooden gift box,size: 26cm x 16cm x 10cm^


Lotto trains memory, attentiveness, logical thinking and speed of reaction, develop observation, sensorimotor skills, speech, and perseverance.
Play to your advantage! 
We can say that the game of bingo is one of the varieties of lotto. You can play bingo (lotto) both in the company “without interest” and for money.

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Bingo is a game in which numbers are randomly selected, and players must fill in the corresponding numbers on their cards. The first player to complete the card in accordance with the rules of the draw wins. To denote his win, he usually shouts “Bingo!”
The set includes several cardboard cards, lined in a cage. Cut them into squares and use them as chips.  With a multitude of modern gadgets, live communication with family and friends is increasingly receding into the background. But how great it is to play with enthusiasm or remember childhood in a cheerful and noisy company! Lotto Russian “Rospis” in a gift box in a mix will help to bring relatives and friends together, put all devices aside and have a great time. Here you will find games for people of different ages and with different preferences.


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