Fast Relieve Pain of Inflammation. Anti- Inflammatory Аnalgesic Plaster Patch Pain Rheumatoid Arthritis


Package Include: 1 Bag analgesic paste patch(2pcs)
It helps to relieve pain. Attach the patch and after 3-5 minutes the pain leaves(such as Sciatica). Leave the bandage on the sore spot for a day and the pain will leave you for a long time.

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FAST RELIEVE PAIN of INFLAMMATION. Natural Ingredients: Camphor, menthol, borneol, peppermint oil, special collection of herbs  (Galang root, Red root, Akonite tubers Kuznetsova, stems of ephedra, ginger root, Cleopatra grass Zilborra, cinnamon oil, fruits and paprika grass, pine resin)
Состав: Камфора, ментол, борнеол, масло мяты перечной, особый сбор трав (корень Галанга,Красный корень,клубни аконита Кузнецова,стебли эфедры,корень имбиря,трава копытня Зилборра,коричное масло,плоды и трава перца красного,сосновая смола)

The main properties of the plaster:

The patch gives a quick analgesic effect for pain in the back or in any area of the body.
• Dissolves seals, locally enhances microcirculation, improves metabolism;
• stimulates the work of the body’s absorbent system, removes toxins, relieves fatigue, has an anti-inflammatory effect;
• Promotes relaxation of muscles and tendons, is effective for dislocations, bruises and bruises.

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