Valenki Felts Boots of sheep wool with zipper. size:7(37Rus)


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Valenki are a kind of traditional Russian footwearValenki  – warm felted highboots made from dried sheep’s wool.   What do you know about the boots, or a history of unique Russian shoes? Probably almost every one of us remembers how once, as a child, he wore boots in the winter, which was so warm and cozy. Boots, as well as a cap with ear-flaps and matryoshka – is one of the symbols of Russia, the Russian people proves the talent and rich original culture of our country.

Boots made from sheep’s wool in Russia is very comfortable and warm. Boots also provide a therapeutic effect in arthritic pains, doing massage. In addition, very fashionable.

Boots is a comfort, dryness and heat.

Healing properties: Firstly, the boots help to cope with colds. Secondly, dumped wool keeps animal fat, which helps to relieve tension in the legs and pain in the joints. Earlier in the villages of the elderly did not take off the boots, even in the summer: it was believed that they improve blood circulation in the body.


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