Felt boots Valenki with heels and with a zipper


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Item: C-11 C all to the store for assistance.                                                                    Valenki are a kind of traditional Russian footwear

Valenki  – warm felted highboots made from dried sheep’s wool.

Medicine affirm the great beneficial effects on human health boots. The wool can absorb and evaporate moisture, heat storage and thus, helps with colds, rheumatism, sciatica and other diseases of the muscles and joints. Also, it is often recommended for people with impaired circulatory system, allergies, diseases of the respiratory tract. Felt boots are very useful in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, because the foot in a shoe is not deformed, moreover, felt footwear breathable, which prevents the development of fungal diseases. And the boots are able to relieve nervous tension, fatigue and heaviness in the legs, pain in the back. Improve blood circulation helps the sock boots on bare feet. In recent years, more and more often on store shelves, you can see the boots. They are in no way inferior to other fashion accessories – they are elaborately decorated with beads, lace, fur and embroidery, painted in various colors, reinforce rubber-soled shoes with heel, made even special homemade boots. It would like to see such an unusual, useful and comfortable shoes again become loved and respected and has been evaluated adequately, just as it is admired abroad.


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