Sheep wool boots with zipper on boots inside with TEP soled. SOLD!


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Valenki – originally Russian footwear, which appeared at the beginning of the XVIII century and is a warm felt boots made of wool, gradually returns to the shelves of shoe stores. This is due not only to trends in fashion, in connection with which models of felt boots with trimmings and embroideries, with natural and artificial fur, with crystals and applications acquire the status of fashionable and modern footwear, but also with increased interest in their useful properties. Not many people know that besides the wonderful felt boots save their feet in winter from frost, they are able to treat: natural sheep wool possesses a unique ability to absorb and evaporate moisture, while remaining dry, so wearing boots makes it easier to cope with colds. Lanolin or animal fat contained in wool effectively removes muscle, joint and rheumatic pains, and the dry heat of sheep’s wool not only relieves nervous tension, but also promotes rapid healing of wounds and fractures, prevents the development of inflammatory processes.

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