Enameled food Storage Container 1L, Лоток эмалированный 1л. Pattern in Assortment


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Steel  Enameled food Storage container 1 litre

The enamel food storage container is very convenient for storing food in the refrigerator and in the freezer. Also you can bake the food in the oven. Enameled dishes are easy to clean. If you take care of enamelware carefully, it will serve you for many years

Advantages of enamel pots:  The main advantage of enamel saucepans, as well as glass heat resistant pots, is that enamel does not enter into chemical interaction with acids and alkalis contained in food, which means that such utensils are safe for humans.Enamelware dishes are usually used for cooking meat and mushroom soups, borsch, vegetable stews, compotes, kissels. Prepared food can be kept in a saucepan for a long time, it does not oxidize and does not deteriorate. Enameled pots do not absorb the smells of food and do not impart their own smell to dishes.  The smooth surface is well cleaned with an ordinary soft sponge, the dishes last a long time The appearance of such pots is very attractive: a variety of colors of enamel are used, very often the dishes are decorated with heat-resistant images that retain their original appearance almost all the life of the pot.

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