Cast Iron cookware for pilaf (plov), Чугунный казан для плова 4L


Cast iron cast iron without coating (with special heat treatment)

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 100% of Cast Iron Casserole.  Production Enterprise Syton”, Dnepropetrovsk city.Diameter 240 mm, Volume 4 L, Diameter of the bottom (cm) 15,
Weight 4.8 kg,  Lid (cm) 24.

Having a rather low thermal conductivity for metal, cast iron slowly heats up and retains heat for a long time, which is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the dish, which is very important for cooking any kind of food, because even heating prevents food from burning, especially long-term cooking, such as stews, poultry, or pilau.
 Efficiency. The extraordinary heat capacity of cast iron will allow you to save electrical energy and other sources of heating because for cooking in cast iron, no heat is required, the products are cooked over low heat. And some dishes, such as rice, vegetable stew and all kinds of cereals, do not bring to readiness on the fire at all, but leave to languish in a cast-iron cauldron or frying pan under the lid. All parts of the cast-iron cookware (bottom, walls, lid) retain heat equally long, therefore, setting the table, you can be sure that the food will remain hot for a long time.
Ecological purity. Long since cast iron is considered one of the best materials for the manufacture of dishes that can be used on any heat source, while heating to any temperature, it is not toxic. It can not harm human health!
 Durability. Cast iron is almost eternal, as it is practically not subject to deformation! Not afraid of overheating and mechanical damage!
   Uniqueness. Each product is created by pouring molten, at a temperature of 1400 ºС, liquid metal into metal molds (chills), which are made on modern unique technological equipment and have strict geometric shapes, which enable, also, to get finished products without deviations in shape and size. After the metal solidifies in a mold, the product goes a long way through various technological operations. Only those products that have undergone rigorous quality control are marketed.

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Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 44.5 × 44.5 × 25.0 cm


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