Thermal Long Sleeve Russian Navy T-Shirt 100% Cotton (Двойная вязка, темно-синяя). Available Sizes: M(48): L(50): XXXL(56): XXXXL(58) XXXXL-(60-62))


Winter Telnyashka double knitted cotton.                                                            Тельняшка Двойной Вязки Хлопок 100%.

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The winter double-knitted  Telnyashka  is a dense, knitted vest made from a special knitted fabric of reinforced double knitting. You can buy vests double knitted winter 100% of Cotton with a dark blue stripe. Thanks to the active dyeing of the yarn – the vests do not shed, and even after repeated washing and frequent wearing, they retain color.
Winter double-knitted  telnyashka   is  the goods, that are respectfully spoken of – “time-tested”, “quality”. For many years now fishermen, tourists, hunters, travelers, summer residents consider such winter vests as the best underwear. Putting on such a vest all year round, even in a cool summer, you can not be afraid to catch a cold.
The winter double-knitted Cotton winter jacket perfectly preserves heat and removes moisture from the body. This effect is achieved if the following conditions are met: in the case of knit quality yarn of special long-fiber cotton – thanks to this yarn moisture is absorbed into the first layer and evaporates through knitted air channels. And the second layer of the vest remains dry.  The technology of high-volume knitting provides for knitting cotton yarn with large loops, with offset, and in two layers. The winter vest made with this technology fits the body, and the combination of air and natural cotton allows the body to breathe through the vest, keep the heat, actively move at different temperatures, protect the body from possible hypothermia.

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Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 35.0 × 25.0 × 20.0 cm
Double-knitted Telnyashka

S(44Rus), S+(46Rus), M(48Rus), L(50Rus)