Buckwheat hulls seat cushion, size: 40*40 cm with additional pillowcase


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Buckwheat hulls seat cushion,  size:20’*16′(50*40cm)

Seat cushion – go with the additional a pillowcase of 100% cotton !  The color of the pillowcase can vary.
You are a significant part of the working time is spent in a sitting position ( in the office or car). You need seat cushion with buckwheat husks ! Their gentle acupressure supports the activity of the muscles , stabilize the musculoskeletal , nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems , helps to relieve inflammation and congestion in the pelvic organs , provide a withdrawal phenomena discomfort of hemorrhoids and prostate , have a beneficial effect on male potency and possess anti-cellulite effect , improving blood circulation and preventing structural changes in the subcutaneous fat layer .

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