40 litres Aluminum flasks jars cans – Флягa для жидкости


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Aluminum flask (aluminum can) is designed for storage and transportation of food products (milk, water, sour cream, honey and other liquids), as well as for bulk products.
Flask aluminum on 40 liter. Excellent for use as a distillation cube during distillation.
Milk flask is made of  aluminum – a durable and wear-resistant material. It does not deform and is not damaged during use.
Sealed lids with special seals close tightly and ensure high safety of products throughout the life of the product.

Aluminum flask does not absorb foreign odors, so it is suitable for repeated use. Food aluminum, from which flasks are made, is absolutely safe for health and most importantly – it is non-toxic. Thanks to the low weight and ergonomic handles * aluminum cans * are convenient to transport. Compact dimensions make storage easier.
Characteristics of an aluminum flask for 40 liters:
• the nominal volume of the flask is 38 liters
• actual volume of jar 40 liters
• upper 24cm diameter;
• diameter of the bottom 35cm;
• height 50cm;
• weight of 6 kg.

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Weight 7.2 kg
Dimensions 45.0 × 60.0 × 45.0 cm