30L Distillation Equipment ”Luch”. С тремя разборными сухопарниками.


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We present to your attention the moonshine “Luch”, which is designed to produce home-brewed high quality and deep cleaning at home. This is a simple and reliable design based on a still-cube of food grade stainless steel with a bottom thickness of 2 mm and walls of 1.5 mm with a volume of  30 liters. The productivity of the device with the bragging distances is up to four liters of moonshine per hour with a strength of up to 60-70%.

The Luch model from Dobry Zhar is distinguished by the following technical features and advantages:

• Availability of a drain cock and convenient handles on the distillation cube, which is stable not only to corrosive influences, but also to temperature deformations. The product can be used on all types of plates, including induction varieties

• The flange is attached to the wide neck through the food silicone gasket on the lamb, which ensures a tight pressure and complete tightness

• An axial temperature sensor is integrated in the flange, which shows the temperature of the steam inside the distillation cube, which allows to regulate the intensity of heating and select the necessary alcohol fractions

• In the design of the device, it is possible to install three removable transparent glass dryers (cans under the cover with a thread). This allows you to significantly increase the degree of cleaning, increase the strength of the final product and aromatize it by adding natural fruits, zest

• The flow-through refrigerator is equipped with a classical coil with five turns, which contributes to the effective, complete condensation of ethanol vapors.

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