25 L Oak Barrels for make alcohol


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Oak barrel made in Russia

What is the advantage of an oak barrel? And the advantage is that such a natural way keg alcohol perfumes, forms an unusual taste and aroma, it is worth to buy a barrel. And the most important thing is that with proper care, this drum will last about 60 years.
Important to know: to barrel remained in operation as long as possible, it should be treated outside the beeswax, it will strengthen even more fiber drums, and alcohol will not leak, and evaporate over time.

For people who are engaged in cooking homemade wine or moonshine, just need to buy a keg from cleft oak. It is necessary to withstand the brandy, wine, whiskey and moonshine. Barrel, which is made from a Oak, will give alcoholic beverages over 600 mineral trace elements and substances in the list of such substances include flavoring, natural preservatives and other elements that give the drink a special taste and aroma.


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