Warming Unisex leggings of natural Camel wool.Size:L- Xl(50-54Rus).


Composition : Camel wool – 85%, Lycra – 15%  .                                                                Ask the assistant about the size.  Ph:  (905) 482-3382 – store

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Camel wool make  the therapeutic effects on the body. Camel  wool can also neutralize negative electrical charges, which helps to relieve pain, nervous tension, normalizes the tone of the whole organism. Its use increases the therapeutic effect of any treatment.Sheep and Camel wool Leggings , socks and any wool product  helps people who have a diabetes problem. Probably well aware of the fact that any nerve damage you’ve already suffered can lead to a potentially dangerous loss of feeling in your hands, arms, legs and feet.

 Wool make micro massage for  varicose vein treatment

Leggings made of yarn with the addition of a camel down, that gives the product softness and flexibility, creates a feeling of warmth and comfort. They just are not interchangeable when working in cold conditions, moisture and drafts. Especially recommended for those elderly suffering from rheumatism, sciatica, arthritis, varicose veins, pain in the joints.

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