Applicator mat, size:26 × 56 cm, 144 modules, white / green


The product can be worn for a long time by pressing it with improvised means (bandage, towel, etc.).

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Applicators (iplikators) relieve pain in muscles, joints, spine, normalize the activity of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.
This model consists of round parts with needles made of non-toxic plastic, which are fixed on a dense, hygienically clean Spandex base.
Applicators with plastic needles are designed to increase and restore vitality and performance, normalize sleep, and improve mood.
Mode of application
The product should be applied to problem areas, then pressed with hands to the skin surface (within the limits of pain tolerance) for 1-3 minutes, and then removed. Repeat the procedure until you feel warmth or burning (this indicates the effectiveness of the applicator).

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