“Iseberg” Steele Enameled set of 3pc. Volume: 2L,3L,4L.Suitable for electric, ceramic, gas, induction cookers *


The brand name”VITROSS” are High-quality pans are made of Steel enameled and decorated with a colorful image.

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 The catalog widely presents products of high-quality enamelware from Russia. Very good for the health, the best price in Canada for enameled dishes from a well-known famous brand “Vitros” .
 Cookware casseroles are bright, sustainable colors, modern design, comfortable handles, double layers of high-quality enamel, broad assortment, individual set for a kitchen. The thickness of the metal — 1.2 mm

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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 50.0 × 50.0 × 50.0 cm