900ml porcelain Dulevo Teapot ”White Swan”, hand-painted*


A real original porcelain teapot is able to bring people closer together, as well as add new flavors to tea.


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It is difficult to choose teapots for brewing tea, this is a responsible business, since it is this item that will make ordinary tea drinking more enjoyable. For a long time, the kettle has created coziness in the house, and also symbolized it with well-being and happiness. Not a single celebration, date or conversation of friends can do without him. Nowadays, it has become fashionable to have expensive and exquisite tea-drinking utensils in your home, which has opened up more space for the masters for a flight of imagination and their embodiment in their works. A couple of tea appeared on the tables of our great-grandfathers with the popularization of tea drinking in the second half of the 19th century. The intensification of the tea trade then led to the appearance of affordable varieties, and serving tea cups on saucers became the rule of good form in the bourgeois environment. The saucer not only did not allow the drink to spill onto the tablecloth: they drank tea from the saucer to cool the boiling water. The fact is that tea is drunk immediately after brewing, otherwise the quality of the drink deteriorates: after ten minutes the leaf ceases to emit useful essential oils.
Product Type: Hand Made and Hand-painted Teapot  Drawing with 24 karat gold.

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