Baking dish “Waffle ” 200mm  Dimensions (W x H x D): 210 x 90 x445mm. Famous Brand name “Kukmara”.


Форма для выпечки, кексница требуют минимального количества масла для смазки, ведь пища в толстостенной посуде не пригорает.

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The high-tech, safe and easy-to-use products of our factory – thick-walled baking dishes for wafers, baking nuts of the Kukmara plant – are dishes that have always been out of the competition. All products undergo strict quality control at each stage of production, from the control of the composition of cast aluminum alloy in the laboratory to the quality control of finished products.

An oven in a waffle iron can not only waffles but also home-made chips. There are many recipes on both youtube and blogs. A favorite recipe for fragile sweet straws, from which you can make “funky” for ice cream:
You need 2 eggs, half a glass of granulated sugar, half a glass of flour, half a glass of milk, several crystals of salt, vanillin on the tip of a knife. Depending on the size, you should get from 12 to 20 finished waffles.
Separate the whites from the yolks, beat in a chilled bowl until a dense foam. With a thin stream, begin to pour sugar and vanilla into the proteins. When the foam becomes completely dense and remains peaks on the whisk of the mixer, add the yolks, milk and flour, mix gently, at low speeds, so that the air does not come out. It should turn out the dough, in consistency similar to thick sour cream.
Heat and grease the waffle iron spread the dough in the middle with a tablespoon. Ready waffles immediately give the desired shape, because in just a few seconds they become fragile. It’s convenient to turn them into tubes by a fork, squeeze “plates” between two plates of different diameters, and for molds you need to make some mold from tin or cardboard, just to get caught. Enjoy your meal!

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