15l Linden tub, barrels. with stainless steel hoops. size: 38*36*36cm. Out of Stock. New arrival Expected.


Linden  tubs are very useful, well-made cooperage products that will enrich homemade pickles with delicate taste and aroma.

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Wooden Tubs, barrel for salting For true connoisseurs of pickles, we offer linden tubs for pickling cabbage, cucumbers, mushrooms and other products with a capacity of 15 liters. The unique properties of our pickling tubs give vegetables, mushrooms or fish a unique and unforgettable taste, retain their appearance and consistency. Such products are also great for storing water. Linden tub 15 l. with stainless steel hoops a container consisting of boards covered with metal hoops. The technology of manufacturing a wooden tub excludes the use of any chemical components. The product is completely natural and practical. 

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