30 L Equipment for distillation ”Triumf” с разборным сухопарником SOLD!


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Reliability, durability, practicality.

Self-made devices are thought-out designs, use of modern technologies and materials. For production, food grade stainless steel is used, which has several advantages – durability, reliability, hygiene, ease of cleaning and maintenance.
Self-made devices are made of steel grades AISI 304 and AISI 430, which guarantees the quality of moonshine, the absence of metallic and other flavors and odors.
The simplicity of construction, the quality of materials and the experience of production are the main conditions that ensure the reliability and quality of the devices.
For example, for moonshine devices are installed thermal sensors made of metal, rather than plastic, which differ in their unpretentiousness and long service life. Gaskets made of food grade silicone, capable of withstanding heating up to 300 degrees, are used to connect the cover and flange of the device. From these nuances, the advantages of our products are formed, which may or may not be noticeable at first sight.
Quality control in production
Manufacturing of moonshine machines and braziers, as well as the production of smokehouses for homes and cottages is carried out on modern automated production.

Multilevel quality control system allows to exclude the possibility of rejection. Each product is carefully checked before it goes on sale.

 The manufacturer reserves the right, without notice to the consumer, to make changes in the design of products to improve their technological and operational parameters.


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