therapeutic warming waist belts

4 qualities for which we choose WOOL BELTS, CORSETS.
In Russia, it was believed that a person without a belt, corset is like without protection. And there is some truth in this. Unbelted means vulnerable to the enemy, and not only to the outside. The belt served as a kind of amulet and did not allow diseases to shackle a person.
1) Keep warm and protect from hypothermia
Due to its structure, wool absorbs up to 40% moisture and remains dry. This heating with dry heat is very healthy.
2) Designed for the treatment and prevention of diseases of colds and internal organs
The dry warmth of wool has a continuous and beneficial effect on the human body. It has long been noted that wool has medicinal properties, especially for rheumatic pains, arthritis, arthrosis, colds, and inflammatory diseases.
3) Antibacterial effect
Natural wool has natural antibacterial properties – microbes and bacteria do not accumulate in it. Moreover, wool has the ability to self-cleaning, thanks to the scaly structure of the wool hair.
4) Micro massage
In contact with the skin, wool performs a micro-massage, which improves blood microcirculation.
The woolen belt has many beneficial effects on the human body.

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